DEFRO Duo Pellet Serie

The Defro Duo Pellet boilers have the fuel charger and burner adjusted for trees' leaf biomass in the form of pellets. The biggest advantage of the boilers constitute advanced automatics - programmer controlling central heating, hot utility water and two other pumps as wells as the mixing valve and the self-acting system: ignition, fuel charging and burner cleaning. The additional chamber created by a stationary grate cooled by water allows for temporary use of other types of fuel such as wood chips and boiler start-up in emergency cases. Moreover, the charge container can be equipped with a lamp increasing the comfort of operation.

Duo Pellet 25

10-31 kW, bis zu 250 m2 geheizte Räume, 180 kg Brennstoff.

Duo Pellet 35

13-42 kW, bis zu 320 m2 geheizte Räume, 350 kg Brennstoff.



Die in Portugal hergestellten ECOAMA-boiler werden mit Pellets beheizt, der als der aktuell sauberste Festbrennstoff angesehen wird. Die Kombination Luft/Pellets ermöglicht eine kontrollierte und sehr effiziente Verbrennung.

Vesta 30/50

30/50 kW, 70-240 W Energieverbrauch, zur Erhitzung von Wasser geeignet: 150 L Wassertank.